The Fields Center advises and oversees the development of nationally recognized heritage month programs that celebrate the rich cultural, social and political contributions of diverse groups in our society. Heritage Months include: Latinx Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. 

Latinx Heritage Month

 Photo of two students embracing during Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month (LHM) strives to increase awareness about Latino and Latin American histories, identities, cultures, accomplishments and contemporary issues. During the month of October, the LHM committee works closely with members of the campus and the surrounding community to address issues that affect Latinos and Latin Americans internationally, within the United States and on campus. Events are open to all.

Native American Heritage Month

 Native American  Princeton students inside a tipi they built

During the month of November we celebrate the rich culture, history, political contributions and the worldwide contributions of Native American peoples. Members of the Native American Heritage Month (NAHM) committee also work closely with members of the student organization, Native Americans at Princeton (NAAP). Past year’s programs have included public lectures, film screenings, drumming circles and a campus-wide Pow Wow.

Black History Month

 African American students embracing

Held on campus each February, Black History Month (BHM) celebrates the rich cultural, historical and political contributions of the African diaspora. Annually, BHM features an opening dinner with a keynote speaker, a talent showcase, panel discussions, film screenings, cultural performances and much more.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

 Asian American alumni in McCosh 10 lecture hall

During the month of April, the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) is an annual celebration focused on promotingculture and history among members of the campus community. In the past events have included, cultural performing artists, lectures, banquets and more.

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