Applying for Funding

The  Carl A. Fields Center provides financial assistance to recognized Princeton University student organizations, both undergraduate and graduate. Priority is given to programs and events hosted in the Carl A. Fields Center,  Fields Center affiliated groups whose programs relate well to the center's mission and vision. Students can apply for funding from the Fields Center through SAFE.

Additional funding can be found under Student Conferences.

To access the PDF version of the Student Funding Policy please click Here

Please prepare the following before filling out the application:

  1. Group name & Chartstring
  2. Contact or liaison: This person may be the President of the group or can be a Core member who is organizing the event. This person must be reliable.
  3. Event Date, Time, Location: Note all events funded by the Carl A. Fields Center are expected to occur in the space.
  4. Event description: The event description must include the group’s mission statement as well as an explanation of how this event relates to the vision of the Carl A. Fields Center. This must be explicitly stated.
  5. Budget: Students must include an itemized budget as an attachment on SAFE. An excel document and word document with examples below.
  6. List funding from other sources (both applied for & received).
  7. Provide the amount of money that already exists in the organization’s account.
  8. Expected attendance
  9. Any other information you believe might be relevant to our decision


  • Students must submit SAFE Applications at least 3 weeks in advance of their scheduled event.
  • Please allow up to 5 business days to receive a funding decision.
  • For room reservations in CAF students will submit a reservation request via 25Live and will complete work orders 10 days in advance. For more questions on reserving the space please contact For questions regarding facilities set-up and clean-up contact Ed Dixon.  
  • For contracts, purchases, receipts, reimbursements please contact ODUS

Requirements for Funding

  • Requests for funding must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event. We do not provide retroactive funding for events that already occurred. Nor do we provide funding for events not planned in enough time in advance.
  • You may request funding for small and large scale events, events that are private and public. Due to limited funding please seek co-sponsors.
  • You may also request funding for off campus trips to conferences. Please submit these requests at least 2 (or 3) months before the date to ensure registration and allow adequate time to organize transportation, lodging etc.
  • If you receive funding from the Carl A. Fields Center please use our name and logo on all advertisements.


Post Event

  • Students must complete a post event form no later than 2 weeks after the event.
  • Failure to complete post event forms could result in financial sanctions.
  • If there are any other questions please contact

Decisions & Funding

Please allow  up to 5 business days after submitting application for funding decisions to be made. We may be reached at with questions, comments, or suggestions. We’re looking forward to hearing your proposals!

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