Cultural student Groups

Princeton African Students Association (PASA) 

PASA raises awareness on Africa & Africa-related issues and explores/celebrates the diversity of African cultures in order to foster unity/friendship amongst members.

Arab Society of Princeton University

The Arab Society of Princeton is geared towards exploring Arab heritage and culture and uniting Arab and non-Arab students.

Asian-American Students Association (AASA)

AASA increases campus consciousness about the unique social, cultural, political, and historical experiences of Asians in America.

Association of Black Women

The Association of Black Women celebrates, unifies and educates the community of black women on the Princeton campus.

Ballet Folklorico

Princeton Ballet Folklorico is a dance group that promotes the spread of Mexican culture and heritage through folkloric dance.

Princeton Bhangra

Princeton Bhangra is a competitive dance team that performs bhangra, a high-energy folk dance originating from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan.

Black Arts Company-Dance

BAC is a company/family of dancers specializing in hip-hop, as well as many other styles including African, lyrical hip-hop, and much more.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union serves as the umbrella organization for other black student groups on campus.

Caribbean Connection

The Caribbean Connection aims to provide all Princeton students a means for celebrating and learning about the Caribbean.

Chinese Students Association

The Chinese Students Association celebrates Chinese culture through various festivals, charity, and social events throughout the year.

Committee on Palestine, Princeton

Founded in 2000, the Princeton Committee on Palestine (PCP) works to end the occupation in Palestine, defend Palestinian human rights, and raise awareness in the Princeton community about the Palestinian narrative. We stand in solidarity with the Palestine.


DoroBucci aims to promote and encourage a deeper knowledge and appreciation for African dance and culture through rhythmic beats and interpretative dance.

Princeton University Gospel Ensemble

PUGE is a tight-knit, student-led choir that spreads the light of Jesus Christ to the Princeton campus and local community through music. Our repertoire includes a variety of traditional spirituals, hymns, and upbeat contemporary gospel music.

Princeton Hidden Minority Council (PHMC)

PHMC works to better the campus environment for first generation and low income students at Princeton through advocacy, connecting students to resources, and dialogue.

Hong Kong Students Association

Hong Kong Students Association aims to enrich campus life by bringing HK students & introducing HK culture to the University community.

Japanese Students Association

The Japanese Students Association brings students together to enhance Princetonians’ understanding of Japanese culture.

Korean American Students Association

The Korean American Students Association is dedicated to helping students learn about and share Korean heritage.

Latin American Student Organization

LASO an organization dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the uniqueness of Latin American countries and cultures, by bringing together Latin American students and the general student body.

Princeton Latinos y Amigos (PLA)

PLA is the pan-Latino group on campus that hosts events
that span the political, civic engagement, cultural, and social spectrum related to latinidad for all interested individuals.

Malaysian and Singapore Student Association

The Malaysian and Singapore Student Association organizes activities
for Singaporeans, Malaysians and anyone interested in the cultures, food and anything else about Singapore and Malaysia!

Mas Flow

Mas Flow is Princeton's premier Latin dancing group that hopes to help our members grow as dancers and choreographers through performing and hosting workshops.

Muslim Advocates for Social Justice (MASJID)

MASJID is a social justice group that provides space for Muslims and non-Muslims to come together around different social justice issues.


Naacho prides itself on presenting a wide variety of traditional and contemporary South Asian dances including Bollywood, Classical, Folk, Raas, Bhangra, and Fusion.

Natives at Princeton

Natives at Princeton is devoted to fostering dialogue and action on Native American and Indigenous issues here at Princeton.

The Order of Black Male Excellence

The Order of Black Male Excellence OBME promotes and enhances the Black male experience on campus through a range of academic, social and service events.


Pehchaan represents the Pakistani and Pakistani-American presence on campus.

Persian Society of Princeton  

The Persian Society aims to introduce the Princeton Community to rich Persian history and traditions.

Princeton for North Korean Human Rights

PNKHR aims to spread awareness of the human rights violations in North Korea and the difficulties that North Korean defectors face when resettling in South Korea.

Princeton University‘s Latinx Perspectives Organization (PULPO)

PULPO intent on diversifying what it means to be Latinx and raising awareness of Latinx issues.

South Asian Students Association

SASA unites the culture of over a billion people from various South Asian nations through celebration, action, education and service.


Princeton Swara is a student group dedicated to promoting Indian classical music on campus through performances by students, academic panel discussions and guest recitals featuring professional musicians.

Taiwanese Students Association

TASA is dedicated to promoting an understanding of and appreciation for Taiwanese culture and heritage on the Princeton campus.

Thaigers Thai Students‘ Association

Thaigers aims to promote an appreciation of Thai culture, deepen knowledge regarding Thailand, and assist Princetonians with the intention of traveling to Thailand.

Tigers for Israel

Princeton's Israel advocacy and cultural group.

The Stripes

The Stripes is a student-run publication focused on issues of race, culture, and minority identity.

Triple 8 Dance Company

Triple 8 is Princeton's East Asian Dance Company. We perform styles ranging from lyrical, to hip hop, to traditional East Asian dance, to martial arts. No previous experience or Asian background necessary!

Vietnamese Students Association

The Vietnamese Student Association seeks to expose the Princeton student body to traditional Vietnamese culture and customs through events such as film screenings and study breaks.


VTone is Princeton's first East Asian Music Production Group. Our repertoire consists of a capella pieces as well as mashups, medleys, and remixes. We focus on East Asian music (Chinese, Korean, and Japanese), but we do English pieces as well!

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